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Onnit Educational Courses and Certifications.

Shane Heins is the Co-creator of all the Onnit Academy Educational Courses and Certifications. Onnit Academy’s Certifications provide a unique experience in the realm of fitness education. They combine a foundational framework that opens your ability to plug the System into ANY fitness or training modality, with the in-depth instruction to utilize an array of tools.

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Foundations Certification

This course is the foundational basis upon which all other courses in the Onnit Academy Longevity & Performance System are created.


It has been designed to provide attendees an introduction to multi-planar movement through positionally strong and structurally integrated application. Developing not only enhanced access to stability, strength and increased range of motion, but doing so in a way that provides therapeutic benefit for pain free and injury resistant training.

And we do so while implementing the groundwork to training with a wide array of unique tools!

With a solid platform from which to launch, fuelled through a unified framework, the Onnit Academy Foundations Certification instills the means to apply powerful principles that build up proficiency with the tools presented, as well as any others the system is applied to.

Begin your journey to bridging where your current capacity is, to the as yet undiscovered potential you could be.

Learning Objectives

The Onnit Academy Foundations Course teaches participants to:

• Understand basic movement theory through a simplified perspective.

• Build true movement potential by expanding to a multi-dimensional movement model.

• Establish alignment protocols for optimal structural integration.

• Identify deteriorating movement paths and how to address it by improving mechanics.

• Prime movement and decompress for activity specific preparation and recovery.

• Set the baseline for immediate application of Bodyweight, Suspension Training, Sandbag, Battle Ropes, Kettlebells, Steel Clubs, Steel Mace.

• Bridge the gap between high quality primary movement integration to capacity broadening movement sophistication.

• Employ a framework to improve movement and structure with any tool or system.

• Scale training effectively in order to increase the spectrum of people one is coaching, from general fitness to sports performance.

• Strengthen the understanding and connection with the work of allied clinician’s and corrective specialists.



Specific techniques and protocols serve as strong structural components in the building of a system. They provide clear direction in the initial application of the curriculum. However, when those techniques and protocols define the system itself, which is more common than not, self limiting obstacles begin to arise. Such an approach to the proliferation of a system offers definitive structure for implementation, but will inevitably find the edge of it’s effectiveness. Because no singular, specific application will work for all people in all scenarios.

On the other hand, create a system based on PRINCIPLES, based on the universal truths interwoven throughout, and an incredibly powerful framework is established through which each unique situation can be tested and applied. In this manner, the value of varied techniques, tools and protocols can be utilized even if they should seem contradictory to the ones previously successful. Using such a system, allows one to be highly adaptable, meet someone where they are and guide them on an unfolding journey of reaching their greatest capacity.

The power of a principle based system is the driving force behind all curriculum offered by the Onnit Academy. And through a clear, applicable delivery, the Foundations Certification Course is where the initial building blocks are laid.


• No prerequisite required to attend this Foundational course of the Onnit Academy Longevity & Performance System.
• This course is highly recommended as a precursor to any other Onnit Academy certification course.


$595US – General Admission


“Where do I begin?”

A question we all ask ourselves.

If you could look into the future and see the outcome of any choice made, would you choose the starting point that:
• Was simply good enough?
• Would serve you short term?
• Didn’t have connection potential to other propelling choices?
• Made the process a greater struggle to move forward?

Or would you choose the starting point that:

• Gave the most impactful boost in your journey, both in the immediate future and along the route of ongoing growth?

At the Onnit Academy, we choose the latter.

The Onnit Academy Foundations Certification is a very robust offering that covers a wide range of training modalities:

• Bodyweight
• Suspension Training
• Sandbag
• Battle Ropes
• Kettlebells
• Steel Clubs
Steel Mace

The impact their utilization can have not only on your training, but your lifelong health and performance, is immense. However many are not yet familiar with how to incorporate most of these tools effectively.

As such, it would have been very easy to make this about Quantity & Flash rather than Depth & Growth.

But we made a choice.

Through the focus of a learning system that builds a solid foundation with each of the modalities presented over the course of this certification, the establishment of a deeper framework is seamlessly interwoven.
Why take the time to just learn a bunch of specific movements, when you could learn to understand, “see” and improve quality of movement through their application?

In addition to technique, we:

• Simplify the Understanding of Movement Theory
• Expand to a Multi-Dimensional View for True Movement Capacity
• Re-Discover our “Center” to Effectively Identify a Deteriorating Movement Path
• Provide a Process for Structural Integration
• Prime Movement for Activity Specific Preparation
• Decompress to Actively Recover

Now it becomes more than just movement.

Now this becomes a dynamic means to navigate a horizon of untapped movement potential.

But to have the capacity to do so beyond just ourselves and be an empowering source for helping others do so with us.

And it doesn’t have to be a complicated.

Through a powerful, principle based process, the Onnit Academy Foundations Certification:

• Sets a baseline for each of the modalities taught that can be applied immediately!

• Bridges the often choppy passage from high quality primary movement integration to capacity broadening movement sophistication.

A process that does not limit you only to the compelling employment of the tools learned here, but any tool or system you have at hand. Which in turn supports you to continue:

• Developing a keener eye for identifying dysfunction and address it through improving movement quality.

• Refining your ability to scale training effectively, thereby expanding the spectrum of people you can train, from general fitness to sports enhancement.

• Providing the often missing link between the work of our allied clinician’s and corrective specialists, to the purposeful progress of those we all serve.

We decided to make our contribution a channel for you to deepen your connection to a process of meaningful evolution. To provide a launching point that will catapult your journey of living and sharing an Optimized Life.

The choice to do so together… is yours.

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Durability Certification

This course has been designed to provide participants the tools and a systematic approach to maintain and improve the health of your joints and the tissues that support them.


At the Onnit Academy, we would argue that having the tools to positively impact yourself and others with a comprehensive joint health program is likely to provide the greatest return on investment of any physical activity.

Why is joint health so important?

Inevitably, each of us is subjected to the experience of aging and its detrimental impact on quality of life. The degradation of joint and tissue health are a large part of what leads to the increase in chronic pain and reduction in function that people experience. The Onnit Academy Durability Course is designed to provide a roadmap to improving joint function, pain-free range of motion and quality of movement through the use of several complimentary restorative modalities.

Learning Objectives

The Onnit Academy Durability Course teaches participants to:

• Apply the Body Mapping process as a tool to regularly assess the current state of various joints and tissues.

• Understand the impact of fascial health on longevity and performance.

• Utilize ground based drills to help increase strength and skill in targeted movement skills.

• Develop a systematic approach to Decompression as an integral part of a performance enhancement program

• Release unwanted restrictive tension through the practice of a Restorative Mobility practice.

• Incorporate drills that enhance the Elastic Recoil of the fascial and connective tissues to enhance movement efficiency.

• Target and prioritize specific pockets of tense tissue with a simplified self care massage system.



Resilience can be defined as the ability to return to original form or state after being stressed. Whether that stress is physical such as bending, stretching or compressing or is the result of illness, adversity or other uncontrollable stimulus, our ability to return to a state of function quickly is determined by our level of resilience.

Recovery is often defined as the act or process of returning to a normal state after a period of difficulty. For the purposes of its use in relation to the Durability Course, recovery is an act AND a process that facilitates a return to a normal state. Active recovery is the focus of the various facets of the coursework and the continued investment of time and energy in this process results in an increase in the attribute of resilience.


• No prerequisite required to attend this Foundational course of the Onnit Academy Longevity & Performance System.
• The Foundations Certification course is highly recommended as a precursor to this Onnit Academy Durability Certification course.


$995US – General Admission


What are the keys to a high quality life?

• Courage in the face of intense challenge.
• Tenacity to improve each and every day.
• Adaptability to spring back efficiently from setbacks.
• Stamina over the course of a day, a year, a lifetime.

All qualities that are encompassed by Durability; the capacity to resist wear & tear so you can operate at a consistently high level over the long haul. It doesn’t matter how strong, powerful, fast or skilled you are, if you are always too worn out, in pain or injured to keep going at your optimal potential.

This is where the Onnit Academy Durability Course comes in. Focusing significantly on high quality movement in support of health, longevity and optimal performance. The Onnit Academy Durability Certification serves as a foundational pillar in that endeavour. Providing everyone not only tools and methods to effectively apply, but a refined lens of perspective in understanding how the body works.

The relationship of recovery and resilience in training offers the means to excel in your chosen activity over the long term. While at the same time bridging your access to more you might be interested in discovering.

We cover:

• Mobility
• Stability
• Flexibility

And the role they play in the structural integration of the body for ongoing access to movement potential.

We address:

• Body mapping
• Myofascial influence in training
• Pattern activation
• Decompression
• Tension release
• Recoil

While the presentation of these topics can lend themselves to a lecture heavy seminar, the opposite is true here. The Onnit Academy Durability Certification Is very hands on. You will be moving constantly throughout, gaining the tools and methods for applying what you have learned immediately for expedient results. Not only with your clients and classes, but in your own training as well.

A major challenge in the incorporation of effective durability in training is the tendency to think recovery requires lots of extra work on top of the “main training” already being done. This certification looks at how to incorporate the Durability work into your regular training, to bring all the benefits it has to offer without creating an excessive drain on your time.

Doing so provides you:

• The energy to keep operating in a state of high quality.
• Significantly diminishes the pain you live with.
• Drastic reduction in injury occurrence potential.

And even if unforseen pain or injury should come, giving you the tools to bounce back quickly. To resiliently perform in an elevated state with enduring longevity, whether personally or professionally, IS the sign of an Optimized Life.

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Steel Club Certification

This course is designed to provide each attendee with an in depth and systematic process for the seamless integration of the Steel Club in training. This tool delves into the expanse of immense multi-planar potential our body holds.


A diversely layered, step by step approach is taken to strengthening the connection, of what often feels like an unwieldy implement, to becoming a natural extension of ourselves. Taking full advantage of the Steel Club design to open up new ranges, establish a foundational platform for articulated force and access dynamic power generation.

This multi-dimensional connection assists in overcoming major roadblocks in progress by developing the often neglected sensitivity to adjust output, activation, redirection, absorption and deceleration.

The Onnit Academy Steel Club Specialist Certification has been architected to empower your training journey through the smooth access of this highly impactful training modality.

Learning Objectives

The Onnit Academy Steel Club Specialist Certification teaches attendees:

• Handling, safety protocols and effective space management.
• The variable effects of training through multiple Steel Club configurations: Single, Double and 2 Handed.
• Integration of the Steel Club with optimal structural alignment for ease of movement.
• Creating joint stabilization for efficient deceleration, absorption and lever control.
• Effective grounding, pelvic mobility and hip inclusion for maximum power generation
• Opening limited ranges of motion including: Shoulders, Elbows, Wrist, T-spine and Hips.
• Breaking down pivotal transition vectors for dynamic redirection
• Establishing groundwork for Steel Club flow movement sequencing.




A Vortex denotes a whirling mass that produces such force as to draw anything within its proximity towards it. But not only towards it. Rather down deeper into its ever tightening core, to its central point of impact.

That is the effect Steel Club training has. It inexplicably draws everyone who witnesses the Club in motion. Yet upon getting closer and ultimately making first contact, it can seem incredibly intimidating.

The thing is, stepping into the heart of that powerful torrent opens access to immense energy. Harness it and you tap into a veritable well of unrelenting Vitality.


• No prerequisite required to attend this Specialist course of the Onnit Academy Longevity & Performance System.
• The Foundations Certification course is highly recommended as a precursor to this Onnit Academy Steel Club Specialist Certification course.


$995US – General Admission

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Steel Mace Certification

This course is designed to provide each attendee a clear and accessible path to the utilization of the Steel Mace. An incredibly powerful tool for shoring up weakness, preventing injury and creating full body strength that starts from the inside out.


One of the most significant advantages of training with the Steel Mace is it provides an easy entry point into the use of offset weight on the end of a long lever. The uneven weight distribution is continually triggering the forces that act on the rotational make up of our system – no matter how light or heavy it is.

Due to gravity, we are subject to those forces constantly reinforcing the imbalance that saps our strength. Not understanding how they influence our structure decreases our ability to control them. That is, unless we intentionally engage these forces and activate new ones through purposeful multi-planar movement. Which is what you will learn going through the Steel Mace Specialist Certification at the Onnit Academy.

Learning Objectives

The Onnit Academy Steel Mace Specialist Certification teaches attendees to:

• Understand the impact of rotational forces enacted on the body and their influence on movement and performance.

• Recognize structural imbalances and gaps in strength for generating force.

• Engage optimal structural integration to recalibrate for controlled, purposeful movement.

• Modify the position and alignment of both body and Steel Mace to specifically induce highly influential offset leverage and rotational training outcomes.

• Utilize the nuances of hand placement, mace configuration and positional alignment for unlocking easy access to the expansive library of Onnit Academy Steel Mace movements.

• Perform dynamic hand switching for smooth movement transitioning.

• Lay the groundwork for Steel Mace flow movement sequencing.


We don’t generally feel inclined to Revel, to celebrate, in our weakness. But what if that weakness was the source of our strength? Take a major source of ongoing dysfunction for example: Rotation. Or the lack thereof. It is challenging to weed out weaknesses in our overall strength, because it “runs and hides” in the rotational aspects of our make up.

Only when we can intentionally engage in rotation can we truly begin to control it. And if we can control it in a purposeful way, we take back what was gradually getting further and further out of our reach. It can be uncomfortable, just as it is uncomfortable to face any weakness. But face it, celebrate it, Revel in all the power, balance and movement potential accessing it provides… and you will turn it into one of your greatest strengths!


• No prerequisite required to attend this Specialist course of the Onnit Academy Longevity & Performance System.
• The Foundations Certification course is highly recommended as a precursor to this Onnit Academy Steel Mace Specialist Certification course.


$995US – General Admission

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Tactical Durability for Military

For more information about hosting Shane Heins to teach a tactical durability course, please contact us.

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