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Steel Club Flow Evolution

6 month on-demand Steel Club workout program designed for healing, endurance and strength while allowing you to tap into flow and develop the qualities needed to face the mental storms in your every day life.


Steel Club Hero Evolution

4 month on-demand Steel Club workout program
designed to burn fat, gain muscle and unleash the hero within.


Steel Club Mass Evolution

3 month on-demand Muscle Mass Building Steel Club workout program
designed to pack on lean muscle, while leaving your body healthy, mobile and pain free.


Onnit Online Foundations Certification

This online course is the foundational basis upon which all other courses in the Onnit Academy Longevity & Performance System are created.

What They’re Saying

Shane, has anyone told you lately you’re a training genius? I feel like I am reconnecting the toes to the fingertips in a way I have not done since the last time I was in a half pipe on a skateboard about 20 years ago. It’s tough being 44, the proverbial lost step is not fiction. Finding my current abilities is a lot of fun though, and this program, the Steel Club Flow Evolution, of all your programs, I have them all, is really helping me find out what I can do and what I need to be mindful of.

Sam C.Los Angeles, CA

It’s quite a daunting task to undertake a program of this nature and have the word “Flow” in your program title. Because flow to me is being in the moment. Whether it’s washing dishes, playing with your kids, doing your work or workouts… It’s something I always treasure in music, when my band and I really “hit it”. It becomes almost like I’m not even playing music. It’s almost like the music’s playing me and everything’s wide open. And in a workout, in doing physical work, here’s another opportunity to connect to that. I feel that Coach Heins has just laid it out very intelligently, in 3 phases, where you can find your flow, where the mind and the body and the spirit are ALL in communication, and the breathing, the movement and the structure are all integrated perfectly in that final phase, where you are moving with the grace of the Steel Club, the grace of your body in a beautiful flow. It works! To integrate all that together and to put it into a program for physical fitness is a tremendous accomplishment. You have created a program that is a work of art and I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to be a part of it.

Mark S.South Dakota, USA

Shane really emphasizes how technique is of prime importance. Along with video for each warm up drill, club exercise and compensatory cool down, instead of having a picture for each exercise, Shane does a great job of explaining each while showing you how to perform them. I think Steel Club Mass Evolution is a great product that I haven’t seen anywhere in the industry yet. This will be a great resource for my club training as I know it will be for yours.

Jon-Erik KawamotoCSCS Strength and Conditioning Coach

Just wanted to share a win with you. When I started Fitness Program A, almost 2 years ago, I couldn't do the lunges, my injured foot/leg wouldn't allow me to do more than about 20% depth. Same story thru Fitness Program B and Fitness Program C. Did the Primer Cycle from Steel Club Hero Evolution, it's like I have a new body! When I started the Strength Cycle, I was surprised how strong I still was, and how good my form was; in control. And, I can easily lunge to full 90 degrees and spring up! WOOOOHOOO! The injury was 30 years ago, and this is a huge, huge step! Just wanted to share, and say THANKS COACH!

Dr Peter RyanChiropractor - Alaska

Did my final high intensity day for Phase 3 of Hurricane Healing Mobility and this marks the end of my 3 months+ journey of regaining my mobility and health. It has been a great program and made some health improvements overall. Thanks Coach Shane Heins for making a fantastic product!

For my next training period, I will tackle Double Steel Clubs for improving my strength and conditioning. I will be using the Flow Force Endurance program from Steel Club Flow Evolution. This will hopefully see me through over the next few months as I ramp up and make some serious gains. Training for life!

Najib Ninaba

Just started Steel Club Flow Evolution's Hurricane Healing Mobility, your work is on the next level of mind body performance enhancement, can't wait to experience all the program has to offer.

Brad Nickerson

My 9-year-old daughter told me after a couple of weeks on Steel Club Flow Evolution 'Wow! Daddy, you look like Glenn Danzig before he got fat! From now on, only train with Steel Clubs!'

Emmanuel Genot