HydroCore Bag


Control water to build an unshakeable body.



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Coach Shane Heins uses and recommends the HydroCore Bag.

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Benefits of the HydroCore Bag:

  • Rock-solid stability
  • Strength and explosiveness
  • Better results with less weight
  • Easily transportable training
  • Instant feedback

The HydroCore bag uses the power of water dynamics to build stability, strength, and explosiveness like no other training tool. Fold it up and take it on the road for a workout you can do anytime, anywhere—no heavy weights necessary.

The Power of Water Dynamics

When you lift the HydroCore bag, it wants to keep going in whatever direction you were moving it. The water inside it sloshes around, and your shoulders, hands, hips, and core have to work to stop it from pulling you out of position and breaking form.

Overcoming all that inertia builds head-to-toe stability—the kind you need to hold onto a resisting opponent if you’re a fighter, lift heavier weights if you’re a gym rat, and prevent injury if you have a history of low-back pain.

HydroCore training also teaches you good technique just by using it. The water’s momentum will help you learn the right speed and timing with which to perform your exercises. If the water sloshes a lot, you know something’s off. If it flows with you, you’re doing it right.


HydroCore Bag: Tough Enough For Navy Seals

Invented by Maurizio Tangari, trainer to MMA fighters, military personnel, and Hollywood celebrities, the HydroCore Bag design was inspired by Zodiac inflatable boats—the kind that Navy SEALs use on top secret missions. This bag won’t spring a leak or lose its shape, even under the heavy fire of your hardest workouts.

Here’s What Sets The HydroCore Bag Apart From It’s Competitors:

  • BALL STOPPERS ON THE HANDLES – Ensuring a no-slip grip.
  • ONE-WAY VALVE – Water goes in and stays in, no matter how fast the bag moves or how hard it lands.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT – The empty bag fits easily into luggage, and 10 pounds of water is all it needs to provide a great workout for almost anybody. Less is more.
  • FUN! – HydroCore bag training makes hard work feel like play. Make up your own workouts and take your training outside, on the beach, or anywhere you enjoy.

Learn more about the Onnit HydroCore HERE.

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