Steel Club Mass Evolution


Steel Club Mass Evolution is a 3 month on-demand Muscle Mass Building Steel Club workout program designed to pack on lean muscle, while leaving your body healthy, mobile and pain free.


Steel Club Mass Evolution is a 3 month on-demand streaming Steel Club workout program specifically designed to build lean muscle mass.

The Pursuit of Gaining Lean Muscle Mass

In the age of modern physical culture, the pursuit of gaining lean muscle mass has been sought after relentlessly, while remaining mostly elusive to the vast majority.

It is a field of interest that has spawned numerous branches, turning it into a multi-billion dollar industry.

Yet for all the resources available, the majority of people just can’t seem to develop the strong, solid and empowering lean muscle mass they know, deep down in the guts of their DNA, to be their birthright.

What if that was because the single most essential ingredient to building muscle was missing?

I’m not talking about some conspiracy theory by the industry to keep us all in the dark and struggling with our ability to put on lean muscle mass, so they can make more money. I’m talking about their not even acknowledging it was there.

That’s right. An actual evolutionary step in the quest to “Pack It On”.

Now I’m one of those who fall under the category of “Hard Gainer”. I’ve always been a lean guy and packing on the muscle has never been easy. Over the last year, I underwent a journey to finally face that challenge head on. To discover what was stopping me, while coming to a deeper understanding of what it means to undergo a significant transformation. A journey that forced me to ask: “Why do I want to build muscle mass?” A seemingly simple question with a seemingly obvious answer. Or is it?

There are LOADS of muscle gaining programs available. Why are they all failing us? Do they not actually work? That’s not it at all. Many of those programs do work in putting on muscle mass. But their approach ends up being the greatest obstacle to our accessing what they have to offer.

The Bodybuilding Paradigm is Dead

We’re not going to get into all the arguments of what “bodybuilding” means.

For our purposes, we will use it in the way that is most commonly acknowledged by the general public. Training fashioned after that of professional bodybuilders. It just so happens to be the approach adopted by the industry and the masses to become what is now “conventional training”. A system familiar to all and still used by most. That is especially true when it comes to building muscle mass.

So why is it dead?

  • It’s mind numbingly boring.
  • It usually requires a gym.
  • It leaves us bound up and feeling tight.
  • It hurts.

And here’s the kicker….

  • It’s focused on transforming your physique!

Okay, hold on. Isn’t that the point?!

Is it?

Why DO you want to build muscle mass?

When I’d decided to undergo the process of putting on significant muscle – an extra 20 lbs on my normal weight, an extra 36 lbs from where I was starting – it was to gain a better understanding of what those who were striving for major fat loss goals underwent.

Fat loss is not a challenge I have had to face. But that didn’t mean I couldn’t go through the process, which is essentially that of a major transformation. I don’t say a physical transformation, because it goes beyond that.

I needed to choose a goal that:

  • Had previously been difficult for me to achieve due to my physical disposition.
  • Required a change in my eating habits.
  • Would make me do things I didn’t want to do.

Well packing on muscle mass was it!

The irony was that I’ve always been attracted to putting on muscle mass. But all the programs and info that were readily available stopped me in my tracks. I tried a few of them. I had limited results. I couldn’t be bothered to try the others because no matter how you dressed it, it was still the same program.

  • Endless repetitions of the same basic movements (with slight variations but no increase in sophistication).
  • A need for all kinds of equipment that required my going to a gym.
  • To develop the massive chest of a dude who looks just like every other dude on a fitness cover.
  • To have Bulging Biceps.
  • To crunch and diet my way to Washboard Abs.
  • Bulking up, only to cut down.

To create the “Perfect Body”!

The Perfect Body… What is it?

One thing this world has, that many of these programs don’t appear to have, is diversity.

Let’s be honest and lay it out right here, right now: There is no “THE Perfect Body”!!

There is only the development your body undergoes when exposed to specific training stimulus. The adaptation and natural expression of your body to that training IS, however, PERFECT.

And don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

Now, in all fairness, there have been leading muscle mass proponents out there who have come at it from a perspective of building self-confidence, improving your quality of life, etc. And personally I think that’s great! As a guy who has never been attracted to building the perfect physique as my reason “Why?”, I very much appreciate it.

But as soon as we explore further, we’re right back to physique. With statements like: develop a broader chest, to maximally hit your shoulders, drinking sufficient water give your muscles a fuller look, having that “look” will give you the confidence to walk into a room and own it.

The end result of the ultimate muscle bound physique IS NOT what will give you confidence. It’s the journey of undergoing a major transformation, and trusting what you have to bring to the table, that will.

Have you discovered the missing, single most essential ingredient to building muscle mass yet?

There are programs out there that say only 1 percent will follow through and get the physical results they desire.

1 PERCENT! That’s great for them, but what about the rest of us. Does that mean the other 99% are doomed to be weak, with atrophied muscles, low sense of self worth and unfulfilling lives? Does that mean the other 99% are lazyApatheticUncommitted?

Not in the least. It just means there isn’t a powerful enough REASON WHY!

If packing on muscle mass to develop the ultimate physique was powerful enough, we’d all look like crazy buff action superheroes right now.

So what IS important then?

The reasons I have heard are innumerable. And if you listen carefully, you’ll hear them too:

I want to be able to play with my kids without doubling over or putting my back out.

It’d be great to not feel trashed after my workday (hard labor).

Who wants to be an invalid when they get older? I don’t. I want to be independent and able bodied until the day I drop.

I injured my shoulder while doing dumbbell presses. I can’t sleep on it which kind of sucks, because if I want to hug my wife at night I need to be laying on it and can’t do it for more than a few minutes.

And the reasons go on…

These are the motivating forces that drive us. These are the powerful “why’s”. These are the reason’s each and every one of us can gain the muscle mass that has, for so long, eluded us.

Alright Shane, I’m with ya on this one. So where do the Steel Clubs and your actual workout program come in?

Well now that you have your “Why?”, a reason deriving from deep within rather than mere exterior motivation, you need a program that supports it.

A Muscle Mass Building Workout Program Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen Or Experienced Before… That’s Right: EVER!

  • Build strength and balance.
  • Experience extreme functionality.
  • Train pain free with specific, active recovery.
  • Progress though levels of increasing movement sophistication.
  • Build skill development that stimulates and brings your nervous system to life.

With Steel Club Mass Evolution you will:

  • Move through all 6 Degrees of Freedom that our bodies are meant to move in, for muscle you can actually use.
  • Master body awareness through mastering the most “inefficient training tool”.
  • Develop the super-strength that muscle is meant to support.
  • Torch the fat while building the mass.
  • Say goodbye to “I do a bit of cardio… because I have to.”
  • Say hello to pain-free workouts that will let you do more, gain more, live more!
  • Maximally recover through specific compensation and movement flows to release tension and maintain overall structural and muscular balance. Translation: Avoid injury!
  • Create a solid network of connective tissue that won’t fail you when calling upon the reasons for having a strong physique.
  • Have fun and enjoy training hard!

Steel Club Mass Evolution utilizes the foundational principles of a revolutionary system and innovative tool to augment time tested and scientifically proven mass gain protocols to bring you an Evolutionary Muscle Mass Building program unlike anything out there.

What They’re Saying

Coach Shane Heins has assembled a stunning, above-and-beyond production quality, leave-no-stone-unturned instructional value, and exhaustive, unique content and program design for building functional muscle might using the oldest and most used weight training tool in history: the Club.

Scott SonnonInventor of the Clubbell

Shane really emphasizes how technique is of prime importance. Along with video for each warm up drill, club exercise and compensatory cool down, instead of having a picture for each exercise, Shane does a great job of explaining each while showing you how to perform them. I think this is a great product that I haven’t seen anywhere in the industry yet. This will be a great resource for my club training as I know it will be for yours.

Jon-Erik KawamotoCSCS Strength and Conditioning Coach

After working with Shane and the Steel Club Mass Evolution, I am, physically, in the best shape of my life. Much better shape even when I was training for the Olympics.

Geoff HodgsonFormer Canadian National Rowing Team Member, 2004 Olympic training camp

Shane, I just want to let you know that I purchased Steel Club Mass Evolution this morning…OMG the quality is just stellar! The videos are a joy to watch, the breakdowns are simple and perfect. I am euphoric (but you probably couldn’t tell). Even if I can already do half of these exercises, the explanations and walk through are worth their weight in gold. You should be very proud; this is a first class project.

Julia Barron SteinerNSCA Certified Personal Trainer

Having gained 8lbs of lean body mass, a visual muscular development throughout my entire body (but mostly in the arms, shoulders, back, and thighs) and a decrease in bodyfat contributing to a slightly leaner midsection, the Steel Club Mass Evolution fulfills its claims, and that’s a rare thing these days. Especially when it comes to muscle gain products.
It is also very simple to follow. It’s plug and play, and there is no guesswork involved. You just follow the program and do the work when you’re supposed to. No need to figure anything out or customize your program. It’s action-oriented. And it is, without question, one of the highest quality products and best values that I’ve seen in awhile. Explicit attention to detail has been paid to every aspect of this product and Shane went above-and-beyond the status quo in terms of professionalism and overall product quality. I challenge you to find a fault with this program.The Club Mass Evolution is so good that it leaves me wishing there was more.


A true mental and physical paradigm shift. I have personally trained with this man, and he knows what he is talking about. He truly walks the talk. This is truly a steal. Grab this up right now and get started! Your mind and your body will thank you….

Mary EverhartFirefighter/Paramedic

Quite possibly one of the best evolutions you could ever ask for!! Steel Club Mass Evolution is awe inspiring. I love the presentation! Shane, you have created a gem. I don’t think most people understand how great it is.

Woody BristerTeam USA, World Martial Arts Games

Shane coached me through two of the most difficult training programs I have ever undertaken in my life. I went from a guy that was not training consistently or at all, to one that trained for months and became a TACFIT and CST instructor. I did the work yes, but Shane provided the road map to where I wanted to go. Now with Steel Club Mass Evolution, he’s put himself in a position to do for everyone, what he did for me. Steel Club Mass Evolution is the road map many people need or are looking for to fulfill their fitness goals. It provides a comprehensive and detailed program that anyone from the beginner, casual athlete, or professional trainer can benefit from. Shane, you don’t need to wear a badge and a gun to be of service to others. Steel Club Mass Evolution is an excellent program and it’ll help a lot of people. Good work.

Mike R.NYPD Detective

As I went through your program to check the consistency of the downloads and I must congratulate you for the quality in format and content that you have provided. I’m glad I did not start any other program yet because I feel that your program is really what I was looking for to address my number one concern: MASS. My girlfriend, after seeing your videos and some of your talks on youtube, has decided to return P90X and get into the Steel Club Mass Evolution confident that she will also loose some weight in the process and achieve a strong, healthier and defined body.

Marco G.

At the end of the first month of Steel Club Mass Evolution and man oh man, I was like a whole different person. My Tennis was better, my music playing was better, you name it and it was better….. I should note though, the gains I made in the one month stuck. I did not lose any tone or strength or anything. My girlfriend was really impressed, she thought I would deflate a little, but I haven’t.

Sam C.

What a great program, Shane! I thoroughly enjoyed every step. It is so intelligently designed for body and mind. The mantras keep me on track, keep me focused. The warm-ups and cool downs compliment the specific exercises of each cycle. The flow of Club training is just plain fun and exciting! I always look forward to my workouts.

Sarah D.

Cool! Just finished a Hi day on Steel Club Mass Evolution -very stimulating!!! My shoulders, lats, tris, chest hips legs and chest are becoming impressive! Pants are bigger in the waist, smaller in the legs. Best of all, more flexible and feel more rooted during Kung Fu practice!

Dr. Peter R.Chiropractor

So far, really enjoying the Steel Club Mass Evolution. I’m using it with a small group of women who have worked with me for several months and are familiar with clubs – but unfamiliar with the volume. Two of them are in their seventies!

Jolie K.

Clubs are now my true love when it comes to any kind of free weight training system and the Steel Club Mass Evolution was a truly enlightening and fabulously fun way to get trained in them.

Natalie G.Actor

All I can say is AWESOME WORKOUT…much harder than it looks and choking up is a definite necessity. I was smoked. I’m a military officer with 23 years of service. I have a B.S. in physical fitness, been certified as an Army Master Fitness Trainer and at one time certified with the American College of Sports Medicine. I have been a paratrooper and served as a reconnaissance platoon leader, military police company commander, and have worked with foreign governments training their personnel in VIP protection. I have served tours in Iraq and various other Middle Eastern countries. My point is – I have been a operator my entire time, and physical fitness has always been a top priority – especially functional/tactical fitness – and I think I have the experience and knowledge to know what works (and this does). At 42 years old, I’m always searching for programs that keep me at top of my game to compete with the younger generations. Thanks for providing an awesome program that will definitely occupy a place in my own personal workout sessions.


Steel Club Mass Evolution Includes:



Explained in over one hour of video instruction.


With streamable Follow-Along videos for a Plug & Play workout experience.


You will work through 3 different cycles for optimal MASS training. MONTH 1 = High Volume, MONTH 2 = Time Under Tension, MONTH 3 = Heavy Clubs.


The workouts are all designed to be scalable for beginner to advanced levels.


To transform not just your body but your whole life.


That lays out each step of the program so you can be sure to make the most of it.


This introductory video gives all you need to move forward safely and effectively.


To prepare your body for intense effort.


To prevent tightness from all that muscle growth.


Includes the Steel Club Mass Evolution Nutritional Start-up Guide and Breakfast of Champions Video.


Entitling you to free updates for life.


If you are not completely satisfied you will have 30 days to request a full refund.


How do you watch the videos?

  • Steel Club Mass Evolution is available for on-demand streaming and digital download. The videos are in Mp4 format and can be played on PC and Mac computers as well as portable devices.

Where can I buy Steel Clubs?

  • You can purchase Steel Clubs at: *use code heins10 to get 10% off your order.

What weight do you recommend?

Steel Club Weight Recommendations
If you’re just starting out and don’t have much experience with strength training in general:

  • Men – 1 pair of 10lbs and a single 20lbs
  • Women – 1 pair of 5lbs and a single 10lbs

If you exercise fairly regularly (at least 3 times a week) and have some experience with strength training:

  • Men – 1 pair of 15lbs and a single 25lbs
  • Women – 1 pair of 5lbs and a single 15lbs

If you’re an advanced athlete with a lot of strength training experience:

  • Men – 1 pair of 15lbs and a single 35lbs
  • Women – 1 pair of 10lbs and a single 20lbs

After moving through any of the Club Evolution Programs from beginning to end once, you WILL be ready to move up to the next weight class should you choose to do so.

How long are the workouts?
  • The workouts per day average about an hour (or less), with multiple options for your weekly schedule. And they are designed specifically as 3 month programs (Each Flow Evolution program is broken down into 2 months), with phases that last 3-4 weeks.
Which program should I start with?
  • Well, that will depend on what you are feeling called to dive into as a focus (as they are all designed for beginner friendly entry, building up one’s skill progressively over the course of the program.
  • Mass Evolution: For building strength and muscle (from a non-traditional perspective), to be done with heavier clubs.
  • Hero Evolution: A more functionally athletic approach, as you walk your Hero’s journey.
  • Flow Evolution: 3-in-1. Train with the specific purpose of developing flow, utilizing a single light club (Hurricane Healing Mobility program), a pair of moderate clubs (Flow Force Endurance program) and a single heavy club (Cyclone Strength).
Will these programs help me with a specific sport?
  • While you dive deeper into your club skills and become more proficient with their use, these programs will continue to serve the enhancement of what you love to do in your life. I’ve had people who run marathons, dance, do martial arts, play tennis, hike and surf (to name a few) who all found a quantifiable uptick in their performance after doing the programs.

Have More Questions? feel free to Contact me.

Start Building Meaningful Muscle Today with Steel Club Mass Evolution!

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