Steel Club Flow Evolution


Steel Club Flow Evolution is comprised of 3, 8 week on-demand Steel Club workout programs: Hurricane Healing Mobility, Flow Force Endurance and Cyclone Strength. It is designed for healing, endurance and strength while allowing you to tap into flow and develop the qualities needed to face the mental storms in your every day life.


Steel Club Flow Evolution is a full 6 month on-demand Steel Club workout program specifically designed to give you the flow qualities needed to face the mental storms in your every day life.

A Fitness Program not just about Muscles and Sweat?

We are moving at a pace never before seen in the world’s history. We are bombarded with info from every possible direction, which leaves us wrestling with trying to sort through it all. And we’re not even talking about the frivolous non-essentials!

There are so many “important” things competing for our attention:

  • It’s important to pay the bills, it’s important to spend time with the family, it’s important to sleep.
  • It’s important to recycle, it’s important to feed the pets, it’s important to connect with our neighbours and communities.
  • It’s important to be punctual, it’s important to eat healthy, it’s important to follow through.
  • It’s important to get the oil changed, it’s important to get good marks in school, it’s important to leave a smaller carbon foot print, it’s important to save for retirement.
  • It’s important to exercise, it’s important to take time for reflection, it’s important to be socially responsible.
  • It’s important to practice, it’s important to drink water, it’s important to make our mark in this life.
  • It’s important to be there for friends and loved ones, it’s important to take the garbage out…
  • It’s important, it’s important, it’s important!

The thing is, many of us ACTUALLY are trying to do the right thing by attending to all of it. All at once.
Which we can’t. Not all at once.

When we try to attend to everything, it leaves us either feeling paralyzed or as though we’re drowning!

The only way to extricate ourselves from such a state of paralysis is to prioritize what IS MOST important.

Club Flow Evolution - Steel Club Workout ProgramOnly, there’s a catch. When in that state of feeling:

  • Overwhelmed
  • Paralyzed
  • Frustrated
  • Tired
  • Demoralized
  • As though we are moving through molasses…

It can be very difficult to figure out what is the most important.

“If only we could just get out of the insanity of it all. Keep at bay those unrelenting forces for a moment of reprieve, so we can get some perspective on it all…”

Mmmmmm… yeah… That would be nice… except…

Life is not Stagnant

Life is constantly in flux, at varying levels of intensity. Like a storm. The biggest storm we will ever face is LIFE itself.

And it comes at us… like a Hurricane.

It has us running for cover, as we attempt to find ways to ward off the seemingly negative impact we feel in it’s aftermath. That is where we begin to create our “escapes”.

Whatever fortitude we had to fight the Hurricane eventually gives, because it will always win. It is not meant to be beaten. We crack, giving way for our need to find a sliver of Peace, a moment of Serenity .

For many people, the practice of creating serenity in their lives is to actually SHUT LIFE OUT.

We often see pictures or videos meant to represent serenity. A room or space that has no disruption. There’s no sound or if there is, it is serene music. Everything that is hectic, intense and disruptive is shut out. Then serenity can be found.

Or conversely, sources of entertainment such as tv, movies and video games move beyond just entertainment and instead become the means to shut everything out so we can catch a breather.

The minute we step back out into life, however, to face the tests and challenges… our Hurricane, we are stressed, fatigued, frazzled and overwhelmed. And we want nothing more than to get back into the environment or activity that provides that safe haven of apparent serenity.

Apparent, because to avoid life is not true Serenity.

Harness the Hurricane of Life and you Harness Flow

You see, while storms can cause great havoc and destruction, they also bring MASSIVE amounts of energy.

Club Flow Evolution - Steel Club Workout ProgramIn the insanity of it all, it actually FEEDS us. As with any great storm:

  • It is part of a natural rebalancing towards optimal homeostasis.
  • The Hurricane is trying to get us to center.

But to harness the hurricane, we need to step within it. We must accept it. Acknowledge it for what it is.
Live WITH it, so we might benefit from all it has to offer.

Because true Serenity is not shutting everything off so that we don’t feel incapacitated or overburdened for a brief period of time.

True Serenity is having a sense of tranquility and perspective no matter what assails us.

We must Face the Storm head on, but not get battered by it.

If we are to find true serenity, and grow ever closer to that place where we are in optimal balance and fulfilling our maximum potential, the serenity must come from within.

It can’t be commanded and ordered around by everything that comes at us.

The insanity and challenge of the storm serves a purpose. It is a gift of the abrasive resistance we need to face and overcome in order to discover…

  • The strength of our character
  • The nobility of our existence
  • The power of our purpose 
  • The inestimable value of the gifts within us

To reveal those deeper levels of ourselves we must face the Hurricane of life.

We must find a place of Serenity within it all, that we might stand and SEE what it is we must see in order adaptadjust and flow. To expand our awareness that we might discern the best direction to move in. To smile in the face of it all and accept the full force of that which is being offered.

Only then can we begin to make the great strides in our lives.

Exercise programs tend to focus on just PART of the whole that makes us who we are. Yet each aspect of ourselves:

Mental – Physical – Emotional – Spiritual

is interconnected, the strength of one affects the others. So while we can attend to each part individually, integrating all of them at the same time is of far greater benefit and much more efficient.

Steel Club Flow Evolution applies your workout as a “vehicle” to support the development of your flow qualities within.

  • Being consistent with your training will not be difficult, because when accessing your inner qualities, it will truly hold value to what is most important in your life.
  • The consistency that you will have, will allow you to get in the best physical shape of your LIFE.
  • Progressively build to less and less breaks.
  • Find the serenity under duress, as you face the storm of the Steel Club swinging around your head.
  • With incremental steps towards increasing levels of sophistication, you will be forced to expand your awareness and remain present to get through it all.

With Steel Club Flow Evolution you will:

  • Move through all 6 Degrees of Freedom that our bodies are meant to move in.
  • Master body awareness through mastering the most “inefficient training tool”.
  • Develop the super-strength that muscle is meant to support.
  • Torch the fat while drastically improving your ability to move.
  • Say goodbye to “I do a bit of cardio… because I have to.”
  • Say hello to pain-free training that will let you do more, gain more, live more!
  • Maximally recover through specific compensation and movement flows to release tension and maintain overall structural and muscular balance. Translation: Avoid injury!
  • Create a solid network of connective tissue that won’t fail you when calling upon the reasons for having a strong physique.
  • Feel the fire light up inside as you finally tap into a program that frees you to access more pieces of yourself than ever before.

Steel Club Flow Evolution reflects the Hurricane. It provides the means to discover the Strength, Perseverance, Compassion, Mindfulness and Courage you have to face it.

What They’re Saying

Shane, has anyone told you lately you’re a training genius? I feel like I am reconnecting the toes to the fingertips in a way I have not done since the last time I was in a half pipe on a skateboard about 20 years ago. It’s tough being 44, the proverbial lost step is not fiction. Finding my current abilities is a lot of fun though, and this program, Steel Club Flow Evolution, of all your programs, I have them all, is really helping me find out what I can do and what I need to be mindful of.

Sam C.Los Angeles, CA

It’s quite a daunting task to undertake a program of this nature and have the word “Flow” in your program title. Because flow to me is being in the moment. Whether it’s washing dishes, playing with your kids, doing your work or workouts… It’s something I always treasure in music, when my band and I really “hit it”. It becomes almost like I’m not even playing music. It’s almost like the music’s playing me and everything’s wide open. And in a workout, in doing physical work, here’s another opportunity to connect to that. I feel that Coach Heins has just laid it out very intelligently, in 3 phases, where you can find your flow, where the mind and the body and the spirit are ALL in communication, and the breathing, the movement and the structure are all integrated perfectly in that final phase, where you are moving with the grace of the Steel Club, the grace of your body in a beautiful flow. It works! To integrate all that together and to put it into a program for physical fitness is a tremendous accomplishment. You have created a program that is a work of art and I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to be a part of it.

Mark S.South Dakota, USA

Started Cyclone Strength Phase 1 last Friday. Had the best Kung Fu practice ever on Sunday! 5 hours! I felt great and was able to do stuff I've never been able to do, with more mobility then ever since the injury 31 years ago! I quit limping 2 Sundays ago, doing stances, suddenly my lateral arch released, and the next day I started walking normally, first time in 31 years! Over 2 weeks of that now, even my patients are noticing! Last Spring I could barely do the lunges in my workouts, now, first day I did the leg screw maneuver, I went all the way down! Lunges look and feel great! 2 cycles completed this week, no pain! I am SUPER excited, I never thought it would get this good! I'm convinced that Hurricane Healing Mobility and Flow Force Endurance are largely responsible for restoring motion incrementally, and teaching me to connect my movements. Surprised how strong I feel, I started with the 20# steel club, it feels a little light! May shift to 25 as suggested...Just wanted to say THANKS COACH! I'm digging it! Onward!

Peter RyanChiropractor - Alaska

My 9-year-old daughter told me after a couple of weeks on Steel Club Flow Evolution 'Wow! Daddy, you look like Glenn Danzig before he got fat! From now on, only train with Steel Clubs!'

Emmanuel Genot

Started my first Steel Club Flow Evolution cycle with Hurricane Healing Mobility. Thought I wouldn't get a workout with the same levels of intensity like my last workout program. Boy, was I wrong. Between the end of the first set and start of the second set, I'm creeping towards the higher end of my Moderate Intensity. Looking forward to the High Intensity next! Definitely gonna see this through and not going to worry about if I'm going lose my strength gains and if I'm not reaching towards my fat loss goals. FFE and CS will be there after I reach end of my HHM journey.

Najib N.

Just started Steel Club Flow Evolution's Hurricane Healing Mobility, your work is on the next level of mind body performance enhancement, can't wait to experience all the program has to offer.

Brad N.

Steel Club Flow Evolution includes the following workout programs:


  • Incremental, 3 phase, 8 week workout program.
  • Uses a single 5lb Steel Club.
  • Releases tension to open up the body.
  • Lays down a foundation in Steel Club basics that will provide a platform for launching into more sophisticated and challenging applications with greater effectiveness and benefit.
  • This program is ideal for: beginners to Steel Club Training, healing and recovery from injury, warm-ups, lighter intensity sessions and training while you travel.


  • Incremental, 3 phase, 8 week workout program.
  • Utilizes 5lb and 10lb Double Steel Clubs (one in each hand – don’t laugh, even the burliest of men have been humbled down to 10’s).
  • You will develop an iron grip, lasting muscular endurance that never tires, simultaneous cross-brain stimulation and humility.
  • This program is ideal for: laying down extreme connective tissue strength, athletics or activities that require consistent muscle activation over a prolonged duration and to challenge depth of motor coordination.


  • Incremental, 3 phase, 8 week workout program
  • Uses a single, heavy Steel Club (with sizes ranging from 15 lbs – 35 lbs).
  • Heavy single Steel Club work is an experience all it’s own. This is where big strength gains are made. But strength gains made through extreme range of motion, while moving heavy weight through heightened leverage disadvantage at close proximity. Talk about developing a heightened awareness of the space we occupy!
  • This program is ideal for: putting on muscle, activities that require repeated strength output or complex manoeuvring of equipment around your body in a confined space and to tap into the “RRrrrr!” inside.

Steel Club Flow Evolution Includes:



Step-by-step in depth instruction, explaining every step of your own Steel Club Flow Evolution Journey.


With Streamable Follow-Along videos for a Plug & Play workout experience.


To work your way from Basic Steel Club Movements, into Steel Club Combinations, and finally put all the combinations together to unleash continuous Steel Club Flows.


To transform not just your body but your whole life.


To inspire your journey and explain how the program works.


Laying out the entire program with clear instructions and inspiration.


Carefully programmed to bring out the Flow attributes you’ve kept hidden inside.


8 week workout program includes follow along videos, warm up and cool-down videos, instructional videos and training manual.


8 week workout program includes follow along videos, warm up and cool-down videos, instructional videos and training manual.


8 week workout program includes follow along videos, warm up and cool-down videos, instructional videos and training manual.


Entitling you to free updates for life.


If you are not completely satisfied you will have 30 days to request a full refund.


How do you watch the videos?

  • Steel Club Flow Evolution is available for on-demand video streaming and digital download. The videos are in Mp4 format and can be played on PC and Mac computers as well as portable devices.

Where can I buy Steel Clubs?

  • You can purchase Steel Clubs at: *use code heins10 to get 10% off your order.

What weight do you recommend?

Steel Club Weight Recommendations: Specifically for Steel Club Flow Evolution
Hurricane Healing Mobility™
Because the focus of this program is mobility, the weight is the same whether beginner or advanced:

  • Men: single 5lbs
  • Women: single 5lbs
Flow Force Endurance™
With the varying repetition options (all higher in nature), you don’t need heavy weights to be challenged. If you’ve been through it once at the highest rep count, then you can certainly move up one weight class.

  • Men: pair of 5 – 10lbs (moving up to 15lbs when ready. Note: VERY challenging)
  • Women: pair of 5lbs (moving up to 10lbs when ready)
Cyclone Strength™
If you’re just starting out and don’t have much experience with strength training in general:

  • Men – single15lbs
  • Women – single10lbs

If you exercise fairly regularly (at least 3 times a week) and have some experience with strength training:

  • Men – single 20lbs
  • Women – single 15lbs

If you’re an advanced athlete with a lot of strength training experience:

  • Men – single 25lbs*
  • Women – single 20lbs*

*From a strength perspective you could probably handle the 35lbs and 25lbs respectively. But from a Steel Club training perspective, if you haven’t the experience yet, it would be too heavy and not give you the opportunity to get the technique smooth, which is paramount. Especially in context to this program because we are working up to flows. Go lighter to begin with the first time through and then you’ll be ready to challenge yourself with more. You will no doubt find the recommended weights, in this program, most challenging as it is.

How long are the workouts?
  • The workouts per day average about an hour (or less), with multiple options for your weekly schedule.
Which program should I start with?
  • Well, that will depend on what you are feeling called to dive into as a focus (as they are all designed for beginner friendly entry, building up one’s skill progressively over the course of the program.
  • Mass Evolution: For building strength and muscle (from a non-traditional perspective), to be done with heavier clubs.
  • Hero Evolution: A more functionally athletic approach, as you walk your Hero’s journey.
  • Flow Evolution: 3-in-1. Train with the specific purpose of developing flow, utilizing a single light club (Hurricane Healing Mobility program), a pair of moderate clubs (Flow Force Endurance program) and a single heavy club (Cyclone Strength).
Will these programs help me with a specific sport?
  • While you dive deeper into your club skills and become more proficient with their use, these programs will continue to serve the enhancement of what you love to do in your life. I’ve had people who run marathons, dance, do martial arts, play tennis, hike and surf (to name a few) who all found a quantifiable uptick in their performance after doing the programs.

Have More Questions? feel free to Contact me.

Find Flow in Your Life Today with Steel Club Flow Evolution!

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