Onnit 6 Steel Mace


Onnit 6 Steel Mace is a 6-week total body training program packed full of fun, challenging workouts that require just one piece of equipment – a steel mace – designed to help you lose weight, build functional strength, move better, and feel better.


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Coach Shane Heins co-created and produced Onnit 6 Steel Mace.

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Onnit 6 Steel Mace offers:

  • 6 weeks of full body workouts, consisting of 4 resistance training/metabolic conditioning sessions 2 non-traditional yoga classes.
  • A variety of training methods that are effective, challenging, and FUN that will leave you always looking forward to the next workout. Tabatas, EMOMs, circuit training—it’s all there. We’ve even included a “game of the week” to help you focus on one specific area of your training each workout.
  • 3 levels of progression for every exercise, so you can easily customize each workout based on your specific goals and ability level.
  • Delicious, fat-burning recipes and nutrition tips to optimize your diet.
  • Supplemental guides to tailor the program to your specific goal: muscle gain or fat loss.
  • Mindset strategies from Aubrey Marcus himself.

Whether you’re hoping to dip your toes into steel mace training for the first time, or you’re looking to integrate a more structured approach to your current mace workouts and take your fitness to the next level, Onnit 6 Steel Mace is your next move.

Unlock the mystery of the steel mace to build an unbreakable, highly athletic body

In the real world, movements requiring force and resistance are rarely perfectly balanced. Due to the imbalance created by the load of the macehead, the mace prepares you for whatever storm life throws your way; tossing your kids up in the air, shoveling snow off your driveway, preparing for a 300-yard drive off the tee, and a million other challenges.

The result is a level of fitness that carries over to real-life activities in a way no other training implement can touch, making the mace an irreplaceable, unmatched tool in your pursuit of a truly functional body. From building lean muscle to blasting body fat, the steel mace is your ticket to next-level gains. All while seamlessly training functional components many traditional workouts neglect or can’t replicate—like stability, coordination, and movement qualit

Workouts you can do anytime, anywhere

The only thing you’ll need to complete the Onnit 6 workouts is a steel mace and a few feet of open space. Plus, since the entire program is accessible online or able to be downloaded, you can literally do these workouts anywhere.

So go ahead, get in touch with your primal roots — work out in your backyard, your garage, the park, the beach, even the top of a mountain — what you decide to call your “gym” is only limited by your imagination.

Learn more about it HERE.

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