A vitamin and mineral complex formulated to help support the body’s immune system.



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Coach Shane Heins uses and recommends ViruTech.

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  • Helps fight free radicals
  • Aids in immune system regulation
  • Supports cellular integrity

How ViruTech Works

Viruses, other pathogens, and free radicals attack healthy cells, damaging their DNA. That’s what causes you to feel under the weather. Antioxidants and other nutrients can promote cellular integrity, thereby stimulating the body’s immune response.

ViruTech combines powerful minerals and plant compounds with one of the most well researched antioxidants—Vitamin C—to support the immune system and maintain cellular integrity.

Key Ingredients

  • ZINC

What’s The Difference Between ViruTech and ShroomTECH Immune?

Both products support healthy immune function, but think of ShroomTECH Immune as a phone call to your body and ViruTech as a fire alarm that puts it on high alert.

ShroomTECH Immune is designed for daily immune support. It helps you build up adaptive immune responses—the backbone of the immune system—to maintain health. ViruTech, on the other hand, is what you should reach for when you feel your immune system is under attack—or you anticipate that it will be. Take it if you know you’ve been exposed to someone who’s sick, you’re about to fly on an airplane, or attend a child’s birthday party. It introduces potent compounds into your system that promote an environment that helps fight invaders and supports your body’s immune system.

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