Mineral Electrolytes


A carb-conscious drink mix that promotes long-duration performance by maintaining optimal water and electrolyte balance.



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Mineral Electrolytes

When you train, beads of sweat fall from your skin and tumble to the ground, carrying with them minerals like sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium — all essential in promoting healthy muscle function.

Your options up till now to rehydrate? Water, which alone doesn’t replenish these essential nutrients. Or, syrupy drinks (whom we will not name) that pack on the fat you have worked so hard to burn.

But, what if there was a tasty, mineral-heavy, electrolyte-infused, and low-sugar alternative to these beverages?

Onnit’s Mineral Electrolytes helps maintain your body’s normal fluid and electrolyte balance to keep fatigue at bay and is infused with just enough of the ideal carbohydrate source — palatinose.


Replenishing Ingredients

  • SODIUM BICARBONATE: Delays fatigue associated with exercise by boosting the cells’ acid-buffering capacity.
  • POTASSIUM: Essential mineral for both muscle and nervous system function.
  • CALCIUM: Necessary for strong muscle contractions.
  • MAGNESIUM: Provides magnesium for the strength needed to perform sports like basketball, handball, and volleyball, and most people don’t get enough.
  • PALATINOSE: Non-GMO, low-glycemic sweetener derived from beets.
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