The creamy taste of your favorite nut butter with an extra dose of beneficial fats to support all your ketogenic or other dietary goals.



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If there’s one thing food connoisseurs and clean eaters have in common, it’s a love of nut butters. So we asked ourselves, “How could traditional nut butter be made even more delicious and nutritious”?Fatbutter is the answer.

Starting with a nut butter base, we’ve blended in other sources of healthy fats—including macadamia nuts, coconut oil, organic chia seeds, and organic hemp seeds—resulting in the richest, creamiest nut butter yet that boasts a better ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 fats than any plain nut butter alone.

Where clean eating meets high-performance nutrition

Omega-6s and omega-3s are types of polyunsaturated fat that your body doesn’t have enzymes to produce, so you must get them from your diet. Both have their place, but eating too much Omega-6 fats promotes inflammation in the body, leading to a variety of unhealthy conditions. Omega-3 fats, on the other hand, are believed to be support anti-inflammatory properties.

Due to the abundance of processed foods we consume—particularly refined vegetable oils—most people get far too much Omega-6s, and not enough Omega-3s. And even if you make an effort to eat a well-rounded diet, balancing your fats is key for optimal health.

With Fatbutter, the extra dose of Omega-3 rich foods improve the omega-6-to-omega-3 fatty-acid ratio while pumping up the flavor even further. The addition of beneficial fats also promotes satiation, helping to prevent overeating by keeping your hunger satisfied for a longer period of time than any conventional nut butter could.

With no added sugars, Fatbutter makes for the perfect snack or dessert treat—even on a low-carb or ketogenic diet. It’s a win-win, and after one taste, we think you’ll agree this is one partnership made in heaven.

All of the ingredients you need; none of what you don’t

We take our commitment to providing clean, nutritious, and delicious foods seriously. That’s why you won’t find any of the typical fillers like soybean, canola, or other refined oils in Onnit Fatbutter. The only ingredients on this label are whole, nutritious, earth grown nutrients to help your body look and perform its best.

Macadamia nuts. One of the creamiest and most popular nuts taste-wise, macadamias also offer vitamin A, B vitamins, iron, folate, and the same type of beneficial monounsaturated fat that’s in olive oil.

Organic chia seed. The journal Food Chemistry found these South American seeds help support cellular health.

Organic coconut oil. A 2017 study concluded that daily consumption of coconut oil boosts HDL cholesterol levels, a marker of cardiovascular health.

Organic hemp seeds. Offers omega-3 fats and helps support cellular health.

Organic lucuma. A Peruvian fruit that looks like a cross between a mango and an avocado, lucuma is naturally sweet and high in beta-carotene, iron, zinc, and calcium.

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