Onnit 6 Steel Club


Onnit 6 Steel Club is a 6-week, total-body on-demand training program for building functional strength and endurance.


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Coach Shane Heins co-created and produced Onnit 6 Steel Club.

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Onnit 6 Steel Club offers:

  • 6 weeks of full-body workouts, consisting of 4 resistance-training/metabolic conditioning sessions and 2 non-traditional yoga classes per week (warm ups and cool downs for each workout, too). All workouts last one hour.
  • A variety of training methods that are effective and fast-paced, so you look forward to each workout. Circuit training, EMOMs, and supersets will build strength and endurance, as well as burn calories. We’ve even included a “game of the week” to keep workouts focused and fun.
  • 3 levels of progression for every exercise, so you can easily scale each workout to your own experience level and readiness.
  • Delicious, diet-friendly recipes and nutrition tips to optimize your eating.
  • Mindset strategies from Onnit Founder Aubrey Marcus himself.


  • Build strength in 360 degrees—not just one plane of motion
  • Burn fat and improve conditioning
  • Increase mobility
  • No heavy weights necessary
  • Fun! Training feels like play
  • The entire program can be streamed online, so you can train anywhere

The World’s Original Workout Tool

The club has been around for centuries, and yet training with it feels like nothing else you’ve ever done. The club’s weighted end is elongated and displaced from the handle, while the handle itself is short, barely allowing for two hands to grip it. This makes the club harder to hold steady than a barbell or even a steel mace when performing any exercise.

That alone develops stability throughout the body—specifically, the ability to avoid rotation when it’s not wanted—and stability is the foundation of all movement.

But when you begin to swing the club—as our ancestors intended— you take advantage of its greatest attribute: purposefully harnessing rotation to train the body.

Most daily life and sports activities call on you to twist, turn, and otherwise rotate. Throwing a ball, lifting heavy groceries out of your car, or wrestling with your kids all require strength, stability, and ranges of motion that aren’t easily trained with conventional exercise alone—especially sagittal plane movements where your limbs move forward and back (picture a chest press, squat, or curl). Training in rotation prepares you to be strong and stable in all directions at once, and the steel club helps you do it more effectively than any other tool.

In fact, we think the stimulus the club provides the nervous system makes it one of the toughest training tools you can use.

You’ll notice right away how hard it is to balance and how tiring it is to grip. (But don’t worry: we’ve designed a program that makes it more easily accessible than any other out there.) Over time, as you improve your control of the club in rotation, you’ll find you do the same with a mace or kettlebell even better than before!

Nothing does more to prepare you to absorb, redirect, and apply force in 360 degrees, effectively laying the groundwork for you to perform any movement you choose with maximum proficiency.

Once you get the hang of it, the club feels like the most natural training implement you can use. With thousands of years of club use embedded in our DNA, you won’t find a more fun piece of equipment to exercise with. Workouts feel more like war dances than weight training!

As you further tap into the benefits that training with the steel club provides, you’ll begin to uncover a layer of raw yet grounded confidence, power, and flow. Who doesn’t want to move through life with access to that?!

What size Steel Club do you need?

The only thing you’ll need to complete the Onnit 6 workouts is a steel club. We recommend 2 clubs, actually, for variable weights options to maximize the outcome—a 20 and 25-pound club for men, and a 10- and 15-pounder for women—but if you’re on a budget, one club will work.

Learn more about Onnit 6 Steel Club HERE.

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