Onnit Protein Bites


Onnit Protein Bites are a snack packed with whey protein from grass-fed cows, and nutrients from more than 60 plants, dipped in rich dark chocolate.



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Coach Shane Heins eats and recommends Onnit Protein Bites.

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  • The best-tasting chocolate protein snack on the market
  • Includes more than 60 different plants
  • Good source of protein
  • High in fiber
  • Decadent flavor

To get more than 60 plants—including herbs, seeds, nuts, vegetables, and more—to taste like a candy bar seems too good to be true. But Onnit did it, and still saved room for up to 9 grams of whey protein per serving on top of it.

With so many green ingredients, Protein Bites is much more than a protein snack; it’s vitamins and minerals and other compounds that support health and performance—all in a delicious chocolate coating.

Candy-Bar Taste. Raise-The-Bar Nutrition.

However you like to eat, you know what makes for a healthy protein snack bar: A good source of protein, only 5g of sugar, and, if possible, stomach-filling fiber. Protein Bites checks all of these boxes, and gives you precious plant nutrition you may not otherwise get in your diet. But it also tastes like a treat, so it’s great for dieters with a sweet tooth, or gym jocks who want a break from protein powders. Bonus: slip them into your kid’s lunch for a substitute dessert. It may be the only time Junior doesn’t complain about eating his vegetables.

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